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Support Group of
Rockland County


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CFIDS/FMS Support Group
PO Box 1085
Pearl River, NY 10965-0604

Our other pages:

Support Group Homepage:
General information about our group including contact information.

Meeting Information Page: Dates, times and guest speakers.

General sources of information for several topics, illnesses, organizations and government agencies. Sign our guestbook!

Chat Room/Email Support Directions: CFIDS/FMS Rockland chat room/email support list directions: Use this link for directions for Yahoo! groups, the site that hosts our chat room/email support list. (This is a private chat room. You must attend one of our local support group meetings to participate.)

Sites with Social Security Disability and Long Term Disability information.

Young People & Parents:
Information for young people with CFIDS/FMS and their parents.

Advocacy projects from our own group and from other groups. Join our advocacy mailing list too!

The CFIDS/FMS Support Group of Rockland County is part of New York Support Network, Inc. (NYSN). Visit NYSN's web page, (

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September 21, 2002.

Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome/
Fibromyalgia Syndrome
Support Group of Rockland County

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*Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome / Fibromyalgia Syndrome